If you get one of these checks, they seem to all be $939. Please don’t try and cash it!! The checks that are sent out are fraudulent checks. The names on the checks are real people and likley real accounts. However the people that the checks are from have no idea that their names and accounts have been stolen. I know this because I am a victem!! Luckily there was an honest person out there who tracked me down because my name and address was on the check. Police reports have been made and my account has been closed. I also got a call from a worker from a Payday Loan place telling me that someone was in there trying to cash my check. They had a feeling it was fraudulent and called me. Who knows how many more are out there? It makes me sick that people will just go cash these checks. Why would anyone think that they should recieve free money? My life is a nighmare because of this. If you recieve a check like this please track the person down so they can protect themselves!!!!