How Does it Work?

Worrying about making ends meet can be overwhelming. Getting a payday loan should not be a lengthy or difficult process. At USA Payday Net, we know you already have enough on your mind which is why we have made getting a payday loan easier than ever.

  1. Just complete our no-obligation loan application, and we will take care of the rest. Based on the information in your application and requested loan amount, we will match you with an appropriate lender. Once approved, you will be presented with a pre-qualified loan offer. In most cases, faxing over documents is not necessary. However, if we are unable to verify any part of your application, we may ask you to fax information to your payday loan lender.
  2. Once you’ve been approved and matched with a lender, carefully review your loan amount, as well as the terms of the loan agreement and rates. If you are satisfied with the conditions presented to you, you may accept by providing an e-signature on the agreement. There is no obligation to accept the loan offer, and you may quit the process at any time.
  3. Upon approval of your application and agreement, your cash is deposited into your bank account by the participating lender. Depending on when your application was submitted, the deposit will either occur the same day or be made the following business day.

Please remember: You will have to repay your loan. When repayment is due, your loan amount plus fees are automatically deducted from your bank account by the lender on your next pay date (typically 14 to 31 days after your application). Please be prepared for repayment of your loan.