Is there any entity that exists in the USA that believes in honor, dignity, and service to country? This comes from a simple man who is in need of temporary financial assistance. No, I am not in need of a legal assistance fund such as one of our previous Presidents was. I do not have any credit cards; have stayed away from that. I hold a National Security Clearance. I continue to uphold the highest standards of conduct. I will repay every cent. I am not looking for a handout. I am retired military who, since retirement, has been working side by side with my military comrades. I was divorced upon returning from Afghanistan. I will be returning to the Mid East Region this May time frame.
I have tried obtaining loans to hold me until I redeploy, to no avail. I have paid every cent I have ever borrowed. This time, as a single man, I have managed to keep myself relatively debt free. Just small loans to keep me going until I am re-employed. Now, I find myself at wits end. I really do not want to obtain a “payday loan”, that will only lend itself to the short term, in addition to super high interest.
I am a man of honor and dignity,
I will pay my just debt.
I can easily verify my authenticity.