Aside from the Astronomical Mind-boggling amount that is growing forever….

I have a few that I have culled from various sources across the Web and a few from watching TV.

(From, from their segment of ‘Debt in America’) that alleges that the national Debt (AT LEAST:, i figure,the segment that is made up of 30-day bonds, and some that is a portion of 6-month bonds coming mature, yet the segment alludes to ALL the DEBT!) is periodically, COMPLETELY PAID OFF!!!!, and then…. re-issued again,in a sort of revolving payday loan. There was a gentleman in the CBS Segment, that says that the US has NEVER missed a debt obligation. Interesting, and I wonder if any of you have any comment to this, or at least some insight…

(From, a second-hand source, that quotes the Federal Reserve Website) that 90% of everything the “Fed” Collects (in the form of payments and fees) goes RIGHT BACK TO THE GOVERNMENT COFFERS. Ninety Percent…! think of all the TRILLIONS the “Fed” Plays with or monitors…

My question IS…if 90% of the FED earnings go right back to government coffers…why do we need to keep revolving a national debt?!

There is something fishy going on around here…Yes. I know the first place to look is Congress…because in the constitution it says that “Congress shall COIN money and regulate the value thereof.”

Now the the whole system, in my honest opinion, revolves around the definition of “COIN” Does “Coin” Mean ONLY “stamp bits of metal into currency” or can it also mean “create” as in the term “to coin a phrase?”

Perhaps getting the Correct Answers or insightful replies to these questions and ideas may, to quote Jesus, “Take the beam out of our eyes to see clear enough to pull the speck out of our brothers.”

Well, here it is….what do you think, what do you know, what can you surmise?

And please…No Perez Hilton style behavior in your replies…that man just put the Gay/Lesbian community in a horrible light with his actions/behavior, specifically calling Ms. California a “c-nt”

Please look at those that surround you or who you identify with. What kind of respect would you think those who surround you or you identify with like to be treated? ACT RESPONSIBLY, please, thank you, and I await your good repsonses.